We will have to wait until October to see if the fall in the price of oil has any influence on the final sales price to individuals and transporters.

In the middle of the departure operation, the price of fuel gives drivers a slight respite. Is there a relationship between the price of oil and the price of fuel?

The average price of a litre of petrol drops by only 0.15%, but this is already something, after four weeks of consecutive increases.

The barrel of oil has suffered the biggest fall in the last four years, but the driver still does not feel the effects of that fall. The reason is the cost of the transport and refining process, as well as the transactions for its distribution and the taxes that make the consumer continue to pay the same. or more.

Transport professionals have it worse.

For the moment, what has been noticed is a stabilization of the price during this month. The price of a litre of petrol has fallen by 0.15% and that of diesel by barely 0.1%.

It should also be noted that decreases in the price of a barrel are usually noticed with a delay of two months. Therefore, in October there should be a price drop and the price of oil should be noticed.

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