Welcome to our new website! At Gexa we are happy to be able to shout it out now… We have a new website!

We’ve been wanting to take this step for a long time, and finally here we are. We wanted to go digital and we decided to create a functional, dynamic and clearly oriented website for you, our customers.

Our aim is to give you a much more direct and practical experience when it comes to accessing all the content and services that we make available on the new website: we tell you who we are, what we do, what our services are… as well as the “blog” and “contact” sections that will help us communicate more quickly and easily.

Through this blog, we want to get closer to you, our customers, and to be able to inform you about everything related to the transport sector that we believe may be of interest to you: services that we offer, different types of trucks, offers…

In addition we want to offer the possibility that you can join our team. To do this we have enabled an option on the new Gexa website where you can send your CV quickly and directly, without intermediaries.

And of course, any comment or suggestion you want to make to enrich this new virtual space will be welcome. You can contact us through the contact section, leaving a comment at the end of this post or through the usual channels such as telephone or email.

We are happy to start this new stage closer to you and your needs, we hope you will join us! And once again… welcome to Gexa’s new website!